Xtended Energy, LLC Website

Xtended Energy, LLC is a website we created for a hip hop collective from Woodbridge, Virginia. The unique site we created is a departure from many sites we’ve worked on in the past. With the Xtended Energy website, we blended a lot of different areas to create a site which showcases the collective. Blue 16 Media worked closely with Xtended Energy to showcase their music, videos, a brief biography about the collective, merch, and a gallery with links leading to their various social media pages. The header of the site includes links that automatically scroll you to the corresponding section of the site. Blue 16 Media worked hard to bring the site to life with a modern design as well as a showcase on what truly mattered to the collective – the music. Check out some images from the site build below.





Social Media

M&T Miraculous Cleaning

M&T Miraculous Cleaning is a website we built for cleaning services located in Virginia. Our team worked to create a modern scrolling site which gives visitors all the information they need without having to navigate through page after page of text. Each section of the site is split into different categories. At the header of the website there’s a list of links to click on which automatically scrolls you down to the section of your choice. Aside from links for home, their story, more information about the company, services they provide, testimonials, and a customized contact section, we’ve also included a call feature which allows you to call the company with the click of your mouse. We’re proud to have worked closely with M&T Miraculous Cleaning to create a site which gives visitors easy access to the information they need, background on the company, and easily accessible contact information.

Website Header

Testimonial Section

Contact Form

DKFoster Services, LLC Website

DKFoster Services, LLC is a website we built for an organization which provides services for nonprofits and various philanthropy outlets. The website was built with a custom template for a sleek, modern design and easy access to the information visitors need. On the header of the website we’ve included contact details, a logo, and a registration link for upcoming events. We’ve also included social media widgets and page links to other areas of the website. These links include access to more information about what services DKFoster Services, LLC provides, more information about the company, a blog, and consultation information. The footer of the site houses more contact details including an address, business hours, email, and a newsletter signup link. We’re proud to have completed this design for DKFoster Services, LLC.


Main Page


Previous Clients

Contact Section

Client Testimonial

“I enjoyed working with Blue 16 Media, their pricing was fair and they were accommodating to requests.  I enjoyed the ability to be able to log-in to see the progress as it was being created.  I hope to work with them again in the future.” –  Denise, DKFoster Services.

Noble Home Inspection Website

Noble Home Inspection is a website we built for a home inspector located in Virginia. The website is a big upgrade from a previous version to give it a more modern touch with the right amenities for visitors to browse over. The main page of the website contains information about the home inspector, his certifications, and experience with inspections. The header of the page contains multiple links to other areas including a page with more information about the company, a contact page, help with scheduling an inspection, common questions visitors may have about the home inspection process, information on real estate agents, and a blog section with valuable tips for your home. A section on the right side of the page gives visitors easy access to contact information, certifications, and social media. Below is an image from the old website as well as photos from our new version.

Old Site

New Homepage

Inspection Types

Kim Klingler Website

Kim4arlington.com is a website we built for Kim Klingler – Democrat for Arlington County Board. We’ve taken the time to design a website which can exist as a centralized, virtual platform for her campaign. Blue 16 Media worked to build the website where the most relevant information was front and center for easy access by voters. The site is built with a clean and modern design. We’ve housed important pages at the top of the site along with Kim’s logo to the left. These pages include more information about Kim, issues she focuses on, voting for Kim, events, and information on volunteering for her campaign. On the right side of the page we included a donate link as well as an option to sign up for Kim’s newsletter. Check out the images below from the new website.


Volunteer Page

About Me Page

Mark Thomas

Mark Crossland – Attorney at Law

Markcrossland.com is a website we built for an Attorney at Law in Woodbridge, Virginia. We build the website to reflect the professional nature of what Mark Crossland does on a daily basis as a divorce attorney, as well as the variety of other legal matters he handles. The site keeps the layout simple to give visitors easier navigation to the pages which truly matter. These pages sit along the top of the site and include a special Areas of Practice page which includes separate pages for each area in which Mark practices. Another vital page for visitors is the Information page which houses details about client intake, a satisfaction survey, and information on an initial consultation. The Pricing & Payment page was also build to give visitors an idea of what sort of financial matters are involved. Blue 16 Media also included a custom contact page with directors to the practice as well as an email and phone number for direct contact. Overall our design for this site was intended to present a clean, professional look to reflect the business itself. Blue 16 Media is proud to have worked on Markcrossland.com to create a polished website for visitors to easily navigate.


Contact Page

About Us and Footer


Soccer Camps

No 1 Soccer Camps Website

No 1 Soccer Camps is a website we created for a soccer training camp located in Northern Virginia. The camp hosts field players and goalkeepers from all over the country looking for an opportunity to better themselves through expert training. With No 1 Soccer Camps being the first of its kind nationally, Blue 16 Media went for the gold where design was concerned. The customer WordPress theme we crafted for the camp is built to reflect the sport itself – sleek and quick. A custom slider at the top of the homepage brings the camp to life with images from a variety of training sessions. Navigation along the top gives easy access to visitors learning more about the camp, finding a nearby camp, what programs the camp provides players, a blog with articles pertaining to the world of soccer, a social feed with links, and a custom contact page where you can easily reach the camp for more information. The footer of the page houses a brief excerpt of the camp’s history as well as a form to sign up for their newsletter. A helpful ‘search our site’ function also resides at the bottom of the page. Widgets on the main page allow users to easily access different sections of the site most pertinent to their needs. Blue 16 Media is proud to have built this site for No 1 Soccer Camps.





Social Feed


Eng Care Virginia Website Design

ENG Care Virginia is a website we designed for a company which provides innovative senior care in Arlington, Virginia. The site is designed with a simple layout to give visitors the quickest access possible to the information that truly matters. The homepage offers a brief introduction about ENG Care Virginia. Along the top are pages for the different areas of the website. One leads to even more information about the company, services provided, and a custom contact page. We also placed the phone number and email address at the top to make sure it’s quickly accessible.

Main Page


Services Page


Imagewerks Website Redesign

Imagewerks is a website redesign we did for a photography studio based in Northern Virginia. The previous website
untitled-1 was basic, flat, and showed the age of when it was originally brought to life. Blue Media 16 took the old site and completely revamped it for the modern age. A custom slider greets new visitors to the site along with easily accessible social media icons in the upper corner as well as a feed lower down on the page. A small gallery on the main page also shows off some of the photographs Imagewerks has shot for customers. A blog section near the bottom of the page shows off some of the latest posts by the company as well. The footer of the site holds invaluable information for visitors such as a newsletter signup, recent blog posts, and testimonials from past clients. Along the top are pages which direct visitors to pages which include a contact page, more information about Imagewerks, and services provided.

Old Site



Updated Site – Main Page



Blog and Twitter Integration


KS Sharing Logo

Kaleidoscope Sharing Website

Kaleidoscope Sharing is a website we built for a multi-service company based in San Antonio, Texas. The site is
completely customized for our client with beautiful, vivid, and easily accessible information for visitors looking to find the right facts fast. The homepage of the website houses a sparkling background image with custom widgets posted in the center to give a brief introduction to the many services provided. At the bottom of the page is a quick form to signup for Kaleidoscope’s newsletter. The footer of the page includes several different certifications Kaleidoscope Sharing has attained as well as LinkedIn integration. Pages direct visitors to learn more about influences and resources, services provided, a fully function blog, and the main contact page. We built the site with modern, fluid touches to give visitors a clean and responsive experience when visiting the site – a reflection of the services offered. Check out an amazing testimonial from the website owner below followed by images from our website design:

“Pondering the upcoming Olympic Games, Blue 16 Media would win the team gold medal and Gresham Harkless would win the individual all-around gold!

Conveying my fear of the tech world, Gresham’s genuine, personable approach immediately made me feel at ease. Sharing his social media savvy as a mentor enabled me to share ideas and effectively brainstorm in what feels more like friendship than a stereotypical contractor-client business transaction. The result is a web site that perfectly represents me and my small business! An additional benefit are the amazing, user-friendly tutorials Blue 16 Media and Gresham created to walk you through managing-modifying-magnifying your social media presence!

If you are looking for exceptional talent, support, and a web site to enhance your company’s posture, reach out to Blue 16 Media and Gresham Harkless yesterday!”

– Dr. Kat Strus


Main Page






Footer with Certificates